Termini e condizioni d'uso

- To ensure the maximum effort, seriousness and cordiality to our customers, we inform you about the main standards of our service, that are linked to the order's acceptance.

- For the deliveries addressed to hotels, restaurants, resorts, campsites, hospices, churches and graveyards and generally in all the places in which it isn't possible to deliver the floral tribute directly to the consignee, so the floral tribute must be left to the service staff, the delivery will be considered regularly valid with the service staff's signature, with the receipt for the shipping and with the proper implementation.

- Over the Christmas period, New Year's Day, Epiphany, Mother's day, Easter, Valentine's day and International Women's Day the floral tribute's delivery may be anticipated to the previous day.

- In some locations the delivery couldn't be possible on the envisaged day decided by the customer, (for closing of the scheduled florist, festivities in other Nations, closure of the central data processing unit, inability to deliver because of adverse weather conditions, and so on), therefore the delivery may be push back to the next appropriate day.

- The images are only an indication and they should not represent the product delivered by the florist exactly. Accordingly, due to other forces, or just because in that location there is no availability, the kind or the amount of the requested flowers may not be available; in that case the florist is authorised to provide the kind and the amount's replacement of the flowers requested by the customer with another one as much as possible similar to the kind payed by the customer.

- In case of non-delivery of a floral tribute caused by a misstatement of the consignee's address or name, or in case of unavailability, the costs, including the cost of the merchandise, the total amount will be paid by the customer.

- There won't be accepted claims presented after 3 (three) days from the delivery date.

- The delivery times indicated by the client in the notes aren’t binding. Only in case of weddings or funerals, our service will prepare a rapid delivery, where there will be the conditions and the time to do that.

- The date of delivery is susceptible to change (as stated above), in that case this will be communicated to the customer.